You Can Lead A Horse To Water But You Can’t Make It Drink

You Can Lead A Horse to Water

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

When I think back to my mother using this quote, it was often with reference to something she was trying to coerce my father (unsuccessfully) to do…

It has always been an interesting dynamic to their relationship, because she would try to get him to do things and he would let her “control” situations, but only up until a point where he felt like letting her be in charge. Then his stubborn side would kick in.

As a parent, I now experience the same on a regular basis with my daughter. But you know thay they say

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Everyday Wit and Wisdom

Popular SayingsWhen I was growing up I constantly remember my mother passing on what she believed to be some gem of wise advice that started with “You know what they say…” I would often think to myself “WHO are they?”, “WHO says that?” or “Do people really say that?!”

The funny thing is that now I am a parent myself and had to laugh when I heard my mother sharing some of her sage advice with daughter who came to me and said “What did Nanna mean by that?”

But it was not just my mother who shared everyday wit and wisdom this way. On many TV shows, in overheard conversations and in general everyday situations I have heard many sayings which have been passed on.

So I have decided to put together this site to share the everyday wit and wisdom I have heard along the way and hope you will share yours too. Well you know what they say…


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